Celebrate with Light

Tonight is a night of good fortune for you to share among your friends and family.  Today is Diwali, an Indian celebration celebrating goodness, wealth, prosperity and freedom.  Many legends emcompass this holiday and people all over the world celebrate this day, regardless of faith. 

Join in the festivities!  If you’d like to experience one of the practices of Diwali, fill a deep candle holder (called a diya) with mustard oil and add a cotton wick (roll up a cotton ball to shape a wick).  If the candle holder is clay, first soak it in water and then dry it to prevent any cracking. Then, wrap a coin in aluminum foil and place it in the candle holder of oil.  At dusk, burn the wick and let it keep burning until it diffuses.  Keep the coin for good luck!

Don’t forget to wear new clothes and share gifts and food with loved ones! 

Happy Diwali!!


Halloween Howl

This year Bayview Community School and Jericho Kids’ Club will not be hosting its annual Halloween Howl. We thank everyone who has supported this event over the years and we will re-assess the revival of the Howl for next year. The spirit of Halloween is still with us and we hope your children wear their fabulous costumes on Friday, October 31st.