Get Your 2008 Tax Receipt

taxIf you are a current JKC parent or a previous one from January 2008 onwards, your tax receipts are ready!  Please visit your child’s Coordinator to pick up your copy if your child currently attends JKC.  If your child currently has drop-in status or attended JKC in the previous school year and/or in the summer, your receipt has just been mailed by the snail.

If you feel your tax receipt is in error, please contact the office at (604)736-4080 or send us an email at


Community Programs Back Again!

bayview-2008-009The Winter 2009 session of Community Programs is on!  Try out a new artistic adventure like I Spy or Secrets of Puppetry.  If your child only wants a one-day treat, check out the Valentine Cookie-Decorating and Chocolate-Making workshop for only $15.  Futsal, Skiddery Addery, Hockey Heroes, Super Spanish, Red Cross Babysitting and Piano Lessons are back for more so sign up as classes are filling fast!

Go to JKC’s Community Programs page to download a brochure.

Get Smart.

sickWe have been hit with an influx of sick kids here at JKC and we want to send a reminder to all parents to make sure your kids are getting their bare essentials this season.  Here are a few tips:

– Give your child his/her daily intake of vitamin C

– Make sure he/she is well equipped with fluids to stay hydrated and foods to stay well nourished

– Pack and/or dress your child with ample clothing for proper weather conditions

– Highly stress and teach your child to wash his/hands throughout the day

– Lots of rest!  A good night’s sleep is essential for a good morning and a good day.

– If your child is not feeling well, please do your best to take him/her home.  Rest at home is much more effective than crying at daycare 🙂 

Child care centres are havens for germs as children are constantly sharing and playing together.  We do our best to keep our environment clean with non-toxic cleaning agents and vigorous cleaning regimens.  Unfortunately, we are not a hospital so we can’t be as sanitized as we’d like but let’s work together so we can all stay healthy!

Just say “no” to influenza.