Get Into Gear…Summer’s Near!

Early Bird swim_timeSummer Registration begins for Current Members (currently registered or drop-in status with paid Membership Fee & Parent Deposit) on Tuesday, April 14th and ends on Friday, May 1st.  General Summer Registration begins on Tuesday, May 12th and will be accepted based on space availability.  If you are on the Summer Wait List, you will be contacted between Monday, May 4th and Friday, May 8th for any available spaces we are able to offer.  If you have been contacted, you must respond to our offer by Monday, May 11th or your space(s) will be forfeited.  In order to go on our Summer Wait List, a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee is required.  If you need more information, please visit our website or contact us at #604-736-4080 or via email at

All registrations will receive a confirmation email stating the weeks that are registered and/or an email stating the weeks that are wait-listed.

Are you feelin’ the summer sensation?!


Keepin’ It Tight

andy_at_sl1Friendships can go a long way at JKC!  Andy Chow, a former JKC staff, recently visited Southlands-JKC (during his reading break from Toronto, Ontario) just to play hockey with his Southlands crew.  Andy and Southlands-JKC’s longtime member, Alex Joyce, have been staying in touch via email since September 2008.  Together, they planned a day for Andy to stop by and hang out and we wanted to share this experience with everyone!

Such amazing relationships are created, developed and nurtured at JKC and we are happy to be a part of it!

Fifth Disease…Get In The Know.

5thA child has been diagnosed with Fifth Disease at Bayview Community School.  A letter from the principal as well as an information sheet has been distributed to all parents. 

Please go to this link to learn more about the condition.  Please also make sure to check your child for symptoms and see your family physician if you have any reason to feel that your child is in need of treatment.