Ugadi…Let’s Dance.

Ugadi is the beginning of the Hindu lunar calendar marked by a change in the moon’s orbit.  Many people celebrate the Hindu new year with rituals, mantras and predictions for the new year.

JKC member and 6-year-old Manideep Vangari (Bayview Younger Kids), self-choreographed his own dance routine for the Ugadi Festival in March 2009.  He worked very hard and we are excited to share his talent with you.  Check him out below!


2 thoughts on “Ugadi…Let’s Dance.

  1. Wow – it’s like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” meets Ugadi. Excellent routine and really, really well performed. Did he really choreograph this himself? What a talented young 6 year old boy he is!

    1. Yes, he did choreograph it himself. He spent hours a day for weeks working on it. He also has a 2008 performance on youtube as well. He’ll be excited to hear about your comment…thanks!

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