A Wii more activity at JKC !

Technology and digital media continue to grasp the attention of most children today and JKC is always striving to catch up by implementing new programming to accommodate its children’s interests and needs. 

JKC has used some of its Halloween Howl fundraising funds towards purchasing a Wii for its centres.  The video game console will visit each centre and share its splendour with every program! 

The Wii can be beneficial for physical activity.  It is known to burn calories, increase fitness levels, build stamina and more!  Staff are ensuring that each child is monitored when playing the Wii and are keeping each child’s turn to a strict limit.

Now we can bowl, golf, run, play tennis, baseball and so much more on rainy days and right in the centre!

Check out what TIME Magazine has to say.


Care, Share and Repair at the Bayview Fair!

Sixty-five UBC students and their instructors are partnering with Bayview students, teachers, families/parents, staff, neighbours and friends to co-create a day of creative learning on sustainability themes.  Gardens, fruit trees, bicycles, beauty and healthy fun…. sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Planned activities at the Bayview Fair include construction of raised garden beds, planting fruit trees (espaliered on Bayview fences), safe biking/bike maintenance workshops and a lunchtime sustainability carnival with food and fun for all. Kids will be engaged in structured activities during the day. Everyone is invited for lunch and fun from 12pm-1:30pm. Parents and Bayview neighbours/friends are also encouraged to help out, drop in and participate!

Babysitters’ Update

Just a quick note that we will be adjusting the schedule for the Red Cross Babysitting course that is set to end on Tuesday, March 23rd. As noted in the registration brochure, we have a scheduled week off for Spring Break. We will also miss the class on March 16th due to the school-wide field trip during the Paralympic Games. It is our understanding that students will be arriving back at General Gordon after 4pm.

To make up for this missed session, the instructor has covered all learning material with the class for March 2nd and will start the last class on March 23rd.  This last class will have a comprehensive review session before the certification test. We encourage the students to review their booklets before arriving on March 23rd and come prepared to write the quick test and get their much-deserved babysitter certificates!