Bring the inside outside!

ImageImageThat’s right…bring your living room to your front lawn and your dining room to your patio!   General Gordon JKC showed its love for the amazing sun shining day with carpet toys and easel painting in the courtyard and snack time in the butterfly garden.  How did the sun inspire you today?!


Start spreading the news!

ImageGet your kids in the know…now!  Teaching Kids News is a Canadian website created to educate elementary school kids on current events, politics, entertainment, science, arts, sports and more!  Articles are written by highly qualified school teachers and journalists and are written for a community audience – parents/guardians, teachers and children – for personal, educational or pedagogical purposes.  Read the news together, have discussions and empower your children to create their own opinions on global issues and enhance their literacy at the same time!


BCTF has given notice of increased job action beginning on Monday March 5th. At this point we are assuming that there will be no school instruction on March 5th, 6th or 7th.  Child care programs will be able to access school premises and JKC will therefore be operating from 7:30am – 6:00pm at all locations on those days. Please note the following points:

  • Care will only be available for currently registered families on their regularly registered days. We will not be able to accommodate drop-in registrations or registration changes.
  • A charge of $10.00 per day will be applied to cover additional staffing costs unless a current child care subsidy is in effect.
  • Access points to schools may be restricted so look for posted signs.
  • Please note that due to staffing constraints we will not be offering lunches on those days so please send your child with their regular school day lunch.
  • Please ensure that your child has adequate clothing for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Monday will be an in-center day. We may plan field trips for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Kids these days!

ImageBe sure to check out CBC’s Doc Zone tonight – February 23rd – at 9:00pm.  The documentary, “Sextup Kids” will be airing and bringing you inside of the minds of the kids you are trying to raise in this media-driven world.  Get an insight on what your child faces every day. 

Click HERE to see a promo video!

Vancouver 4 Kids

Kids Vancouver is a resource on what to do with kids in the Vancouver area. Activities, directory, kid swap meets, playgroups, attractions, animals, farms, indoor play centres, shopping, services, children’s resources, family events, birthday party entertainers and venues. You’ll be sure to find creative and exciting adventures for you and your family to enjoy right here at!

Generation Squeeze

There is a silent generational crisis occurring in the homes of Canadians…Generation Squeeze.  Double-income families in the present have the same household income as those from the mid-1970s yet they have double the costs of living.  Not only are today’s families struggling financially but they are also spread thin for time.  In addition to employers, elderly family members and children are demanding of a young couple’s or single parent’s free time.  Paul Kershaw, a scholar for the Human Early Learning Partnership, proposes a $22-billion investment on Canada’s standard of living in his full page article, “We need a Canada that works for all generations,” in Monday, April 5th, 2011’s Vancouver Sun.  Read it now and get in the know for our upcoming federal election!

Don’t forget to look for JKC in the pic!

Babysitters’ Update

Just a quick note that we will be adjusting the schedule for the Red Cross Babysitting course that is set to end on Tuesday, March 23rd. As noted in the registration brochure, we have a scheduled week off for Spring Break. We will also miss the class on March 16th due to the school-wide field trip during the Paralympic Games. It is our understanding that students will be arriving back at General Gordon after 4pm.

To make up for this missed session, the instructor has covered all learning material with the class for March 2nd and will start the last class on March 23rd.  This last class will have a comprehensive review session before the certification test. We encourage the students to review their booklets before arriving on March 23rd and come prepared to write the quick test and get their much-deserved babysitter certificates!